Do I have to register to buy?

No, you can buy as a guest. We advise you to register. After registering, you can access to purchase and change your personal data.

How do I find a particular article?
The products are classified into 4 categories (News, Collection, Studio Collection, Promotions) and each category is divided into several subcategories. Access the subcategory that interests you using the top menu, and you will be able to see the products that make up it. To find articles you can also use the search engine located at the top.

How do you add an item to the basket?
After choosing an item, its color (where applicable) and size (where applicable) you must press the “Add to basket” button for the item to become part of our order.

Can I delete an item from my shopping cart?
Yes. In the shopping cart you can delete the items you do not want, as long as the order has not been processed.

What steps should I follow to place an order?

  1. Go to the shopping cart by pressing the “View cart” button located in the top right corner of the page. You can also access the basket by pressing the “Complete Purchase” button that appears on a product’s detail pages after pressing the “Add to basket” button
  2. Enter your personal details, billing address and shipping address. If it is your first time purchasing, you must create a user account and accept the Privacy Policy. Press the “Continue” button.
  3. Enter your credit card details. Press the “Authorize payment” button.
  4. On the confirmation screen you have the option to print your order details by pressing the “Print” button. You will also receive an email with order confirmation.

How can I prove that I made my purchase correctly?
After placing your order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order. If you do not receive it, you should contact us so we can help you.

Is it safe to buy at
Yes. You can buy with complete peace of mind, because we always make a great effort to have resources that ensure the security of your purchases and your data. Data is transmitted in SSL encrypted form. For payment with Visa and Mastercard, only CES (Secure Electronic Commerce) transactions are accepted. After verifying that the card is a member of the CES system, the system will contact the bank that issued the card so that the buyer can authorize the purchase. After the bank confirms the authenticity of the card, the card will be debited. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled.

What payment method can I use to make my purchases?
Payment can be made using the Multibanco Reference system, MBway, Debit or Credit Card or PayPal.

Why might my credit card be declined?
The data we request from you for payment must match your card details. A simple typographical error can cause the transaction to be refused, which is why we ask you to carefully fill out the payment form. You may also have exceeded your credit limit or your card has expired. Consult your bank to clarify any doubts related to your card as a means of payment.

How can I receive or pick up my product?
In-store pickup: Free

Shipping by Carrier:

Continental Portugal) Portugal (Madeira and Azores) Other European countries Rest of the world
Standard: €5 Standard: €10 Up to 2kg: €17.50 Up to 2kg: €27.50
Up to 4kg: €35 Up to 4kg: €55

In case of absence at the time of delivery, a notification will be left for the recipient to collect the order at the post office in their area of ​​residence. The deadline for collecting the order is 5 working days from the date of attempted delivery. To collect it, the recipient must present the notification or code left by the courier, as well as their identity card. If the order is not picked up within 5 working days, it will be returned to us. If the order is returned to us, the customer will have to pay the shipping cost again for a new shipment, or, pick it up at one of the our stores for free.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Delivery times depend on the type of shipping selected.

-Ships by carrier: Standard: Mainland up to 3 business days. Azores and Madeira between 5 and 9 working days.

How is delivery to the store processed?
If you have chosen in-store delivery, we will notify you of the arrival of your order via email, and you will have 15 days to collect it. The person picking up the order must present the order number and Citizen Card.

Contact Forms:
You can contact us in the following ways:

Email address:

Company identification: AC91 Vestuário LDA, with registered office at Estrada Nacional 209 N4235, 4580-439 Lordelo, municipality of Paredes, with legal person identification number 514293330.

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