Our brand is made of small, big details :)

Our exclusive "STUDIO COLLECTION" models are 100% Portuguese made, dedicated to romantic, dreamy and feminine women who want to feel special.

The Belle Époque brand was created in 2012, by Catarina and Eduarda, mother and daughter, who have always been surrounded by threads, lines, the panoply of colors and fabrics, and the sound of sewing machines, making this challenge an inevitable passion.

The name Belle Époque comes with reference to the city of Paris, the golden age of beauty and art where Catarina and Eduarda were inspired in the creation of the brand that reflects an important point calling for change, differentiation, the importance of art from the cosmopolitan era . The three swallows symbolize freedom, loyalty and success along with the importance of family roots, the mother and two daughters, who together made a dream come true.

All these influences resulted in exclusive collections, made with a lot of love and dedication to offer our customers quality fashion, with a unique, irreverent design that sets us apart from anything else.

They opened their doors to the world in a small, welcoming, “pink” space in Lordelo (Paredes), full of dreams to fulfill and full of desire to grow.

They think about everything, that's what makes them who they are today :)
We hope that the story of Belle Époque inspires the path of many other women directly towards realizing their dreams, just as it inspires us every day.

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